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At we understand that the privacy of your personal information is important. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.

We require the user to provide certain information that can be considered personal, for the purpose of correct operation and user experience.

This privacy policy may change at any time without notice, so we recommend reviewing it from time to time for your peace of mind. Also, if you do not agree with the exposed terms, you should stop using immediately.

Data collection

Comments, Contact Forms

By leaving a comment on the site, we collect data to ensure the correct functioning and accuracy of the information provided (i.e., if you are human).

For this we can collect the following information:

  • First name
  • e-mail
  • IP address
  • browser user agent string to help detect spam

This data ensures that we can offer a secure experience on the site and are not shared with anyone, are stored securely and are not accessible to anyone other than administrators and in specific cases, for hosting support and authorities that so require it in a legal manner. They are also not shared with third parties or added to any marketing list.

PhoneLatest reserves the right to edit or delete comments sent to the site without notice, due to, among other reasons:

  • Comments marked as spam or questionable
  • Comments with offensive language or concepts
  • Comments that attack individuals

We do not share information, it is your responsibility not to share it through comments and expose it publicly. When we detect personal information, we will proceed to eliminate the comment for your protection.


We use Google Analytics to collect and analyze site usage statistics. The information collected by Google Analytics is anonymous and cannot be used to identify particular users.

If you're still not happy, you can install a tool to not be part of the Google Analytics statistics for Ads and customize Google Display Network ads.

Social networks

We use links on the site that redirect you to a social network if you click on them. Sometimes, these links are integrated and the respective social network will be activated, connecting your browser with your servers. If you do not use these links, no data of yours will be sent to these social networks. 
The privacy settings and their policies are exclusive to each social network and are beyond our control.

What we do with the information collected

We store information for archival and security purposes. We do not analyze IPs, we do not send unsolicited emails or share them with third parties. If we need to contact you, we will do so in accordance with the legislation in force.


Connections to are made securely over SSL protocol and security certificates. The information is stored safely in a suitable building with security procedures and is inaccessible to third parties and unauthorized.

Record files

Like most websites, we collect and use the data contained in our log files. These data include your IP address, your Internet access server, your browser, the date you visited us and which pages of you visited, among others.

This information is analyzed anonymously and is not used to identify users under any precept.

How we use cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored locally in the user's storage when they enter the site. 
Cookies allow us to analyze web traffic and improve the navigation of the site, in addition to allowing us to optimize the operation of the site, your tastes and your preferences, without personally identifiable information.

We also use cookies for traffic analysis that allow us to analyze the behavior of the site. This information is used in statistical and aggregate form, it is not personally identifiable and it is eliminated after a preset and prudential period.

These cookies do not provide personal information that you have not chosen to share with us or access your browser to obtain information. Even so, you can disable the use of cookies through the settings of most web browsers available in the market, although doing so could limit your experience in the services.

Cookies and Advertising

At we also offer third-party advertising. Some of these advertisers, through Google Adsense or other advertising programs, may use cookies or other technologies when they click here, and thus receive information as described in the previous section.
These advertising services may use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies to show you ads based on your interests. By doing so, advertisers may obtain non-personal data such as visited pages, visit time, viewed content, your browser type, and your operating system and so on. This use of cookies and similar technologies is subject to their own privacy policies, not ours, therefore by using the services you agree to disconnect from our responsibility in connection with these advertisers or sellers.

  • Google, as a third-party provider, uses cookies to post ads on its site.
  • The use of the DART cookie allows Google to publish ads to users who visit their sites and other Internet sites.
  • Users can disable the use of cookies by accessing Google's advertising policy
  • To not receive personalized ads: Ad settings on Google
  • About Ads (USA)

Terms and Conditions

All content provided by is for information purposes. While our intention is to provide you with the most accurate information possible, we are not responsible for errors or omissions in the information provided.

The site will not be responsible for losses, damages or other damages resulting from the use of the information presented. We are not responsible for the information found on this site and used on others without our authorization.